Inspirational Learning for Healing 
and Wholeness

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......... to our educational environmnent of holistic healing, well-being and personal creative growth. Our services are designed to inspire and empower people from all walks of life for the attainment of deeper human fulfilment and a more purposeful life.
We believe that Life is an Artto be lived and explored. To learn consistently about this art is a deeply satisfying process that connects us to the source of love, peace and happiness, rippling out into all of life's experiences and reaching out in sharing into the communities we live in.
We support individuals and groups in the birth and shaping of new Life Skills through creative action that allow for the opening up of new possibilitiy, opportunity, solutions and the eventual emergence of Life Mastery that reflects deeper transformational processes of Self Healing and Self-realisation.
Our tools are based on 3 "pillars" of activity that support and give structure to personal growth:
  • Healing  Arts                    (Health & Well-being)
  • Personal Development       (Leadership Coaching)
  • Creative Arts                    (Expressive Arts Coaching)
Our teaching style is inspirational and encourages the individual for new and expanded life vision, deeper understanding/insight and the realisation of goals.


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